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From beauty to swimwear

From beauty to swimwear

Now that restrictions in most places are being lifted, people are taking advantage of the opportunity to travel to different countries again. Whilst this is incredible news and you should go and have a wonderful vacation, your summer wardrobe hasn’t been topped up in over a year thanks to the virus!

Having a hot summer wardrobe is more essential now than ever! You want the holiday of a lifetime and to look your best on it since you’ve been out of the game for a while! Thanks to our gorgeous collection here at WATABABE we have you covered, no matter your vacay destination!

We all have different body sizes, and whilst places like Instagram like to make us think that this isn’t true.. it is! We have curves, we have saggy bits, flat areas. Everyone is different. There often has to be a lot of research into the styles that suit our body type whilst also making us feel incredible, and not every shop has something that will suit all body types.

More swimsuit brands have tried to become inclusive, and this is amazing, they don’t always get it right, but at least they are trying and that’s great!. But the thought of shopping from a black-owned designer who understands the struggle of trying to find something that looks gorgeous on is definitely something that sounds appealing!

WATABABE was created to make sure that everyone had something to wear on holiday, that you got something super flattering for your body, that has a gorgeous design, but can keep you supported in the pool, sea, sun, wherever!

Of course, taking the step into setting up your own business is always a scary process, and takes a lot of courage. Taking that leap to open up a black owned business is even harder, and there are more hurdles to face!

WATABABE has been set up by the extremely brave and driven stay at home mum who traded in the beauty world for her very own swimwear brand!

Being in the fashion industry as a fashion and celebrity makeup artist, WATABABE’s creator Helen Anderson knew that she wanted to make a difference in the swimwear industry. Over 10 years ago she started WATABABE, but the collection wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t sized correctly and therefore didn’t fit everybody.

Instead of putting out a collection that wouldn’t be inclusive to all bodies, she put the idea to the side and wanted to wait until the perfect time to make a comeback.

During the pandemic she decided to kick start this dream again after learning from her mistakes the last time. “There have been a lot of challenge so far, but don’t give up just take your time, and step by step you get there with love and support from family and friends” she has made unimaginable sacrifices to make this business perfect for her and for all of WATABABE’s customers.

The sacrifices that a small business owner has to make in order to achieve their dream is crazy and finally in a world that is being taken over by large businesses, people are starting to see the pressures put on smaller ones.

From renting out her bedroom and sleeping in bunk beds with her son, to being a single, stay at home mum trying to provide as much as she can for her family. Helen has put everything into WATABABE to make it something to be proud of! And it truly is!

Not only does running a small business have a lot of pressure, but with it being a black-owned business, people tend to categorize and but it in a specific box. “I think if you let people put you in a box then that’s what you become.”

There aren’t many black owned swimsuit labels out there, and although Helen doesn’t categorize herself as a black business she still comes across some challenges in all different types of ways. Being a business mum and being a woman all have struggles and this is what people aren’t really seeing!

When shopping for your summer fits remember to shop from small businesses! From your bikini needs, to your one-piece swimwear, WATABABE has it all! All of the effort that has been put into every single piece is incredible and you won’t find anything like this from a high-end store!

Here at WATABABE we give you only the best! Each item has been created to be suitable for everyone, you are sure to find something that will be the perfect fit, colour, and style for you!

Next time you shop from a small business, try and think about all of the sacrifices the owner has made in order to get to that point, they don’t get enough credit for what they go through!

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