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Your Mental Health Matters

Your mental health matters

Over the past couple of years, we have all been made aware of mental health and how important it is. Most of you will either go through mental health struggles yourself or know someone who is struggling. Mental Health is all around and although the world is being made more aware of the struggles not everyone knows what to do when they are struggling. After the few years we’ve all had, we could all do with supporting our mental health a little more.

WATABABE want you to know that your mental health matters, we have put together some of our top tips on how to help your mental health. We are not a trained therapist but these tips and ideas on how to improve your mental health have all been proven to work.

Zone out

Many universities and colleges across the UK are holding a ‘zone out’ day which is essentially a safe place with no stress. If you don’t go to university or college then this doesn’t mean you can’t participate! It is important to Zone out for a while from your everyday life and people don’t do it enough! Zoning out could be reading a book, getting lost in your favourite Netflix series, journaling. Whatever it is that keeps you away from the stress of real life then make sure you give yourself time every week (better yet every day!) to just Zone out and relax.


You know your feelings better than anyone, but sometimes they can get all muddled up in your head which means they are really hard to understand. Emotions might show themselves a little differently then expected. For example, when you are sad you might express anger, when you are angry you might cry. These muddles in emotions make it hard to fully understand the meaning of what you are feeling and how you can help yourself.

Journaling is a great way for you to understand your feelings better. Writing down what happened in your day, how it made you feel, and how you reacted to the situation will show you a pattern in your behavior. Then you can learn the unusual ways your mind reacts to certain emotions and know that feeling in the future.

Taking a little break

Sometimes Zoning out isn’t enough and taking a small break away from everything is the best thing to do. Everyone deserves a break and a little time away and this can be crucial for your mental health. Booking a weekend away at the beach, or 10 nights all inclusive beach holiday can be just what you need to reset your mental health completely and you’ll have a great time away and come back feeling refreshed.

Looking your best when you’re at the beach can help to boost your mood! Wearing something that makes you feel amazing can have a positive impact on your entire experience and allow you to feel differently about your body. Here at WATABABE we have designed all of our swimwear for you! We want you to feel amazing whilst looking amazing and we are proud to say that this is what we’ve achieved!

We have stocked our store full of different styles, patterns, and a mix of bikinis and swimwear so that you have plenty of options to choose from!

This gorgeous blue bikini is a natural mood booster! The stunning pop of colour in this bikini will match your beach getaway and create the perfect vibe. Blue is proven to be a colour that boosts people’s moods which is why this is a great option!

Take a look at the rest of our bikinis and swimsuits on our site, we have so many different options available, so you are sure to find something that you love!

Gentle exercise

Doing something that gets your heart pumping has been proven to improve your mental health. A lot of people who suffer from panic attacks say that exercising helps them calm down and has long lasting positive effects on their mind.

We don’t recommend going on a huge run every day but doing some gentle movement can be really beneficial. WATABABE’s favourite exercise to do is swimming, there’s something about gliding through the water and moving so freely that helps to calm your mind. Being in a pool is so calming and can be a great workout!

Dress in style for your swim day with our gorgeous WATABE pieces. A swimsuit can feel so freeing when it has been made right! With all the structure and support that you need whilst still making you look and feel amazing! It’s a dream come true!

What do you think about this gorgeous swimsuit? The side panels help to snatch in your waist and shows off your gorgeous natural curves. Of course, the colour is stunning which is a huge bonus!

We have a huge collection of swimwear and bikinis available on our site and something to suit everyone! Take a look at our entire collection and we are sure you’ll find something that you love!

Talking about your feelings

Our final tip for your mental health is to talk about your feelings. This can be really tricky to do and takes a lot to reach out to someone. But talking about what’s going on is really helpful and takes the pressure off yourself to deal with it on your own. There are plenty of free services available online if you don’t fancy chatting in person. Check out the links below for some really amazing services where you can discuss your feelings.

Whatever you are going through in life, just know that there is always something or someone that can help. Your mental health matters and it is so important to look after it. Try out these tips and let us know if they have helped you! If you have tips that we haven’t mentioned in this blog then leave a comment and let us know what helps you!

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