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What swimwear colours should you wear?

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

WATABABE’S guide to swimwear colours

Picking the perfect swimwear for your occasion can be really tricky because of how many options there are! Something perfect for a beach holiday wouldn’t always be appropriate for a spa day so we have put together this guide that will give you all of the tips and advice that you need so you know what colours you should wear!

You should pick colours that not only match your skin tone, but also the occasion you are wearing your swimwear for. This is so much to consider but don’t worry, we got you!

Beach holiday

If you are lucky enough to get to go on a beach holiday this year then you need the perfect fit! Going on a beach holiday is all about splashing around in the water, and bathing in the sunshine. You want something flirty and cute but structured so there won’t be any accidents in the water!

For lighter skin tones

Hot red swimwear is a gorgeous option for you if you have a lighter skin tone and it works perfectly for a beach holiday.

The vibrancy of the red compliments your skin tone, especially if you have darker hair and eyes. This colour doesn’t wash out your skin and it will lift your natural colour making you look stunning!

Bikinis are usually the go to swimwear when you are at a beach because it allows you to splash around in the water, and bathe in the sun getting a gorgeous tan all over!

This flaming gypsy bikini set is exactly what you need to take to the beach! The flirty frill makes this an essential for a beach holiday with a gorgeous low neckline so you can get an even tan. The bottom half is a big bikini style that will protect more sensitive areas from the sun whilst keeping the look of cute, flirty, and fun in the sun!

For darker skin tones

If you have a darker skin tone then wearing a vibrant colours and warm colours will really set off your look! Think of colours like blue and pink when going to the beach. A gorgeous warm blue will not only compliment your skin tone, but it is a colour that goes perfectly well with the beach!

A nice hot, vibrant pink will look stunning on you, perfect for a night party on the beach, or a casual evening stroll.

Bikinis are usually the go to swimwear option for a beach for so many reasons! Look amazing whilst splashing around in the water or chill out in the sun and catch a gorgeous tan.

This Flaming gypsy bikini set in a warm blue is exactly what you need to take to the beach! The frill adds a bit of a flirty, cute vibe to the fit whilst also repping the larger bottoms that give you structure and safety from the water and harmful sunrays.

Pool holiday

A pool holiday is so common nowadays, especially with people enjoying more time privately with friends and family instead of going to a crowded beach. A pool day is a lot like going to a beach, but the vibes can be a bit different. Instead of sunbathing on the hot sand, or swimming in the sea. It is more about having a laugh and fun times surrounded by your favourite people.

For lighter skin tones

The brighter the better! A pool party is all about having FUN, so your swimwear needs to represent this too! How about a hot pink bikini? Something that will look super cute on you, and will show that you are up for a good time at the pool! Imagine playing with inflatable pool toys, laughing with your friends, and drinking mimosas in your gorgeous pink bikini.

A swimsuit is always a good choice for a pool party, this is one of the times that you can’t go wrong with a bikini or swimming costume. Whatever your preference is will work!

For darker skin tones

For darker skin tones the same rules apply. The brighter the better! A vibrant orange bikini or swimsuit is the perfect addition to your pool bag! Even s tunning baby blue will make you look utterly flawless!

You should be having fun at a pool party, without feeling self conscious about what you’re wearing. Rule of thumb- get lighter swimwear when you can so it will really show off your darker skin tone. You will look gorgeous and feel amazing too!

Check out these bikinis and swimsuits that you NEED to have when you next go to a pool holiday! How stunning are they?!

Spa day

When you go to a spa day the same rules apply for all different skin tones. A spa is a place to go and relax. You don’t need anything super fancy or bold to stand out from others and look amazing. Something subtle that won’t make you stand out is actually required at most spas around the UK. Opt for pastel colours or warm tones and a swimsuit is usually preferred especially when dealing with the hot tub!

People aren’t going to the spa looking at your swimming costume, you just need something that will cover you up enough to follow the guidelines and that’s it. Don’t go to a spa wearing your bright orange bikini or a swimming costume with bold designs on it. Wear something cute and simple and that will be perfect!


There are so many different times when you need to wear a lovely piece of swimwear but just don’t know what is acceptable to wear. Anything you feel comfortable and gorgeous in then you should wear! But just as a guide follow what is said above if you are stuck and what something killer to wear to your next occasion!

Why not treat yourself today to some new swimwear so that you are prepared for your next spa trip, beach holiday or pool party! WATABABE has a lot of amazing swimwear to pick from!

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