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The swimwear that Celebs are wearing in 2022

Forget April showers and spring blues, let’s jump straight to what’s hot this summer.. or in fact, what the celebs are making hot for summer! Think Coachella styles, pool parties, concerts in the hot sun, the swimwear styles that are becoming hot for this summer are stylish, cute, and of course practical!

The real fun with this year is when the sun comes out and the beach days are calling! All these swimwear trends in this blog are celeb approved and are sure to be popular this summer! Get ahead of everyone else this year because these styles will sell out fast!

Red One Piece

Have you seen this killer image from January Jones rocking a red one piece? Baywatch is that you? The red one piece is a classic trend that never goes out of style and January Jones is making it comeback this year too.

A red one piece compliments every body type, and every skin tone. It is an ultimate swimwear staple that you need to have for this summer! You’ll see so many celebrities wearing this style this year and we have something so perfect to match this style!

WATABABE’s flaming Judy red one piece is gorgeous and will make you feel and look amazing! It is the perfect dupe for what January Jones is pictured wearing and will be one of your favourite swimwear pieces for life!

Classic Bikini

Yes you read that right! The classic bikini is back and people are loving it more than ever! The classic bikini comes in and out of fashion, people thinking it is too basic, whilst others viewing it as a staple piece that you MUST have. And now thanks to Vanessa Hudgens, and Camilla Cabello, the classic bikini is back and people are going crazy for it!

A classic bikini is the perfect piece to throw into your suitcase for a holiday, or to wear for a pool party. Celebrities have also been pairing a classic bikini top with denim shorts for their Coachella looks, and they look amazing!

Here at WATABABE we sell a 'mini' bikini which is the same style Vanessa Hudgens is seen wearing in this amazing photograph. We also sell an amazing dupe for the one that Camilla Cabello is wearing and it is gorgeous! It is one of our best sellers normally so be quick to snap this one up!

Open Back One Piece

These styles may not be the best for tanning your back, but they are so cute, and look amazing! They are perfect for pool parties, beach days, and taking a splash in the sea!

Venus Williams modeled this style on her Instagram, and looks incredible wearing it! The open back look is stunning and helps to make your body look summer ready!

A swimsuit is a perfect swimwear item to own, and can change your entire swimwear collection! Whether you prefer swimming costumes, or bikini's you can't deny that this style is amazing and is a hot trend for 2022 summer!

And you are in luck! WATABABE have an amazing collection of low back, and open back swimming costumes that are gorgeous and will be staples in your summer swimwear collection.

All of these styles are celeb approved for this summer! They are all gorgeous and should be in your swimwear collection ready for beach days and pool parties!

Have a great week


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