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Spring Clean your wardrobe

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

How to spring clean your wardrobe

Now that spring has sprung, people are getting their cleaning heads on and decluttering their house, doing a deep clean of the property, getting rid of anything and everything that no longer has a purpose. What people forget is that your wardrobe is one of the most important places to spring clean. With the pandemic and lockdown looking to be over, it is more important than ever to give your wardrobe a spring clean, and get rid of the outdated, never worn items that are taking up space in your wardrobe. That way you can make room for brand new clothes that you just love!

This guide will go over Watababe’s top 5 tips on how to spring clean your wardrobe so that you don’t have to struggle!

Clear it all out

The first step to getting a fresh wardrobe is to empty it out completely. You won’t be able to de-clutter properly if you are still seeing your old clothes in your wardrobe! The best thing to do is unhook all of your hangers and lay it all down on your bed. Next you want to empty out any compartments you have. If you are one of the lucky people who have a set of drawers as well as a wardrobe, pour that all onto the bed too!

You want all of your clothes to be in one place, and out of the way for your new fresh wardrobe.

Bin, Keep, Donate

One of the biggest challenges people face when de-cluttering is having items of clothes that are in great condition, but not worn anymore. They think that they have to throw it away or keep it, and this is when your wardrobe will get cluttered again! One of the best things to do is have 3 boxes or bags. Label them ‘Bin’ ‘Keep’ and ‘Donate’ so that you can organize everything properly.

Go through each item you have individually and chose whether or not you wear it often or are planning on wearing it in the near future. If this is the case then pop it into the keep box. If you come across an item of clothing that you haven’t worn in ages, and it is past its prime then pop it in the bin box. And if you face them clothes which are too cute to throw but just not your style anymore, then place them in the donate box. This way you are clearing out your wardrobe and also giving your old clothes a new loving home.

Organize into seasons

You’ve done the hard bit now! All your clothes have been arranged into different boxes, now you need to organize them into your wardrobe and drawers. If you have compartments in your wardrobe then it might be best to use these for seasonal clothes that are further away. So, putting your winter jumpers, autumn scarves etc. in them compartments so they are out of the way.

Prioritize your spring and summer clothes on your railing. Hang them up in a way that suits you! Everyone has a different way of organising wardrobes, is it by colour, style, type of clothing? You get to figure that out completely!

Organizing your clothes into seasons will help you picture outfits for spring, you know exactly what you have to wear for events and for different weather forecasts. This is a great tip for you to stay on track with your de-cluttering and organization this spring!

Organize your drawers properly

We all have the classic sock and pants drawer. This is great because our delicates are all in one place! So why don’t we do that with other pieces of clothing? Our hot tip this season is to make yourself a swimwear drawer. You never know when the sun is going to be beaming, a pool party is announced, or you’re off for a spa day! Having a swimwear drawer means that you know exactly where your swimsuits, bikinis and accessories are when you need them! No more rushing around the day the sun is out, scrambling to find your favourite bikini to sunbathe in. It may seem like a drawer that you won’t use as much as your others, but it is so handy to have! Trust us!

Now is your chance to stock up

Spring cleaning doesn’t mean you can’t buy more items. Yes we are de-cluttering, but during this process you will most likely realize that you need some new socks, pants, bikinis, t-shirts. And now is your chance to stock up on these!

Get ahead of everyone else buying summer clothes, or diving into the spring pastels and vibrant colours. Order online, go out in person, shop for all the bits you are running low on and organize them into your wardrobe! Do you need a new bag because your other ones are dirty, broken, not your style anymore? Need more cover-ups because Covid meant you didn’t go to the beach for ages. Now is your time to stock up!

And if you are on the lookout for some new swimwear and accessories, then check out our website! We have so many amazing items that are just dying to be in your freshly organized wardrobe and drawers!

Comment down below what your favourite spring style is, let’s find your spring twin! We hope you enjoyed our guide to spring cleaning your wardrobe!

Happy spring!

Watababe x

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