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Must have's for spring

This year has gone so fast already that Spring is just round the corner! With the weather getting warmer, and the days getting longer. Now is time for you to update your spring wardrobe and have a spring clean of items that are not hot anymore.

Swimwear for spring

In spring it is still pretty chilly, the weather hasn’t exactly switched from the winter breeze to the summer sunshine just yet, so you need to be wearing items that will keep you warm but keep you looking good at the same time.

The colours for this spring are bright, fiery, fierce, we all love a pop of colour in our outfits, but spring is a whole new level of vibrancy! This year’s trends are unique, and you’ll be seeing a lot more bright colours rather than the usual pastel that you see around this time of year.

Don't worry, WATABABE has got you covered! Take a look at our must have spring pieces that will transform your wardrobe and change the way that you dress for spring!

Our Asymetric flaming judy in blue is one of our most popular pieces this spring. The vibrant blue colour of this one-piece is a perfect shade of blue to make your body pop. It is a perfect piece to wear to your first spring pool party where you will really make a statement! This trending design has been made with only the best materials to make you feel, and look incredible! This piece does also come in black if blue isn’t the colour for you!

And I am sure you've noticed the stunning red swimsuit, this burnt red shade is an essential piece this spring! This is one of the most popular colours this year so hop on the trend before it's all sold out!

Our Stoney Milania bikini is a gorgeous alternative to the swimsuit. A bikini will be a little colder in spring, but it is the perfect option if you are going to the beach or travelling this spring. It once again has that trending asymmetric design which is stunning for all body types. And let’s not forget the colour of this! That stunning shade of purple is so dreamy and also one of this spring’s go to colours!

Stoney Milania also comes in more gorgeous spring colours like pink and coral! Why not buy every colour so that you have an amazing spring bikini for every occasion?! You can see the amazing quality just in these images, imagine wearing one of these bikinis on your next pool trip?

Another bikini option is Nina. This asymmetric piece has a thin spaghetti strap to help limit tan lines. The material is so comfortable and ideal for sunbathing or going for a paddle. This is one of our most popular items that people love to take on holiday with them. The colours come in a wide range, from nude shades to perfect spring colours! Which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments of this blog!

And we can’t forget about our Ashley Lilac swimsuit, just look at the colour of this piece and you will be blown away. Have you seen a more perfect spring costume? This is a must have costume that is perfect for pool parties, sunbathing, or swimming. It is so versatile and looks amazing! The material is once again only the best, that will leave you feeling so comfortable in the swimming costume.

There are so many different colours of Ashley Lilac to pick from! You can wear each colour for spring, even the darker shades! This swimming costume can be worn all year round and you'll never get bored of it!

What accessories to wear in spring?

Accessories are a must have for spring! From sunglasses, to bags. You are missing out if you don’t have spring accessories!

Take a look at our gorgeous orange and pink bag. It is a stunning bag made with great quality material. This is perfect to take with you every-day, or if you fancy a trip to the beach then this is the perfect bag for that too!

This has not yet been released so keep your eyes pealed on our site for when it is available to buy!

If you are wearing a swimming piece which is more of a warm tone, neutral colour, then pairing it with a bag like this, which is vibrant and fiery will completely transform your look, making it perfect for your spring day out.

Subscribe to our website for the latest updates on our accessories as we have some amazing things coming to WATABABE soon! You don’t want to miss these hot drops!

What are you wearing this spring? Let us know in the comments below and tell us what your favourite piece is from WATABABE.


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