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Mother's day guide to swimwear

Mother’s day guide to swimwear

Mother’s day is in a couple of days, and this year it is more important than ever to treat your mum with a little something extra! Your mum is going to want to start going on more holidays now that the pandemic seems to be behind us. Some new swimwear may be the perfect gift for her to make these dreams come true! Is she into watersports, sunbathing, or wants something to throw on at the spa, there are so many options on Watababe that will make her dreams come true!

I have narrowed down my top 4 favourite swimwear pieces that would be perfect for your mum this mother’s day.

Flaming Judy

Don't you just love a one shoulder swimming suit? How gorgeous is this piece? The vibrant colour along with the detailing on the bust. It is a perfect bathing suit! This swimsuit is popular for active swimmers who like to take a plunge straight into the water! The structure on this piece has been designed to support your bust, whilst keeping the rest of your body protected and comfortable.

We wouldn’t recommend a swimsuit that would make your mum uncomfortable, and this piece is made with only the best materials that will feel dreamy on the skin! This may be a piece that you accidentally *borrow* from your mum’s wardrobe!

This is a classy swimsuit, it has the basic design of a standard swimming costume, but with a little extra pizzaz! The tie detail on the shoulder is subtle but unforgettable. It looks cute and it also provides another level of support and comfort to the costume. The little cut out under the bust is a nice detail which shows how amazing this swimsuit is.

Your mum would look amazing in our flaming Judy costume, and it comes in different colours too! You are sure to find a colour that fits your mum’s personality perfectly.

Ashley Lilac

Much like Flaming Judy, this swimsuit is perfect for a splash in the pool, going for a swim in the sea, or chilling in the sun. This swimsuit is a little different with two straps giving you support. The straps work to lift up your bust, giving them the full support that your mum needs to stay comfortable. The white details on the side of the piece work to snatch in the waist, showing off your mother’s natural curves whilst keeping her feeling and looking amazing!

The hole in this swimsuit just below the bust makes this piece stand out from standard swimming costumes, it adds a sense of elegance to the piece, and also works to allow your skin to breathe after being hit with water. This piece is practical and cute!

And we can’t forget about the back of this! The open back makes for a lovely time swimming, feeling the water hitting your skin. But don’t worry, this piece has been designed to keep the water out, so the seams are super secure, so you won’t face any water leaking into your suit! Your mum’s going to love this costume, it ties together elegance and glam in a perfect balance. What else could you need really?

Flaming gypsy

This elegant bikini has gorgeous high-waisted pants with a longer leg than your normal bikini bottoms. The pants are a favourite from Watababe because of the comfort they give! The pants are perfect for swimming or other water activities because of how structured they are, your mum doesn’t have to worry about getting hit by a wave and losing her pants! They are perfect!

The top of this bikini is really special and is one of our cute pieces. The ruffles are stunning and adds something a little more innocent and cuter to this fiery set. The low-cut neck is perfect for sunbathing without having those nasty lines! You can easily move down the arms too, minimizing the need to take your top off when sunbathing. This is something that your mum will love!

This bikini comes in lots of different colours so there will be something perfect to pick for Mother’s day, and you could always borrow it too! The back is even more perfect for sunbathing than the front! With there just being a little strap to keep everything secure, it is perfect for those back tanning days when your mum wants to bathe in the sun! This piece is loved by pretty much everyone because it is so versatile!


Is your mum more of a classic bikini type girl? This Mini style is gorgeous and super simple for those who are looking for high-quality, without the added bits and bobs. Sometimes all you need is a simple piece which does the job! This bikini comes in loads of different colours so make sure to check them all out to find what is perfect for your mum!

The classic bikini bottoms are so comfy, the material will feel so smooth against your skin but has been made to not slip off! The high leg bottoms make it easy to get a tan in them – hard to reach places – which not all bikini’s offer.

The top of this bikini, yet simple, is exactly what your mum needs. Sometimes straps can be a little hard on your skin, so Watababe made this with adjustable straps! You can’t complain about that right! It is so good for a present and your mum can adjust the straps to meet her own needs!

If you love these pieces then make sure to check out our entire collection, and if you want to shop for a delayed mother’s day piece… or something of your own! Then check us out on Sunday the 27th of March for a special Mother’s Day sale.

We here at Watababe hope your mum has an amazing day and that she feels special and appreciated.

Watababe x

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