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How to wear swimwear for your body type

When it comes to swimwear, it's all about finding the perfect piece that will make you feel gorgeous. What you wear should be supportive and flawless for your splash in the pool or bathing in the sun.

Watababe swimwear believes that your swimsuit should not only fit your body perfectly, but also provide you with beautiful items that make you feel stunning.

Remember that every body is a swimsuit body, and you don’t need to put yourself into a category.

This blog is to make you feel amazing and give you some advice when shopping, but anything you want to wear. Go ahead and wear! You will look amazing in anything!

Here are some amazing tips on how to wear swimwear for your body type and how to enjoy yourself when the sun comes out!

Pear Shape

Having a pear shape means that you have delicate shoulders with stunning curvy hips and bums as well as a slim waist.

Wear a bikini that emphasizes your bust and balances your figure, elongating your legs and drawing the eye upwards. Sound complicated? Here are some tips on how you can achieve this:

Wear plain bottoms with a bright or patterned top. This will help to emphasize your bust and the balance of bright colours with something plain will add balance to your body.

Think about having a high-cut leg bottom which will elongate your figure, these types of bottoms are so gorgeous on a pear shape body, giving you the illusion of longer legs making you look effortlessly taller.

Have a fancy top half to draw the eyes to you. Think about having halter bikini tops or an off the shoulder piece. This opens up your shoulders and draws the attention to your gorgeous curves.

Think something like this:

A gorgeous off the shoulder top attracted the eyes upwards, a pop of colour that helps to show off your natural curves. Don’t forget the short bikini bottoms which help to make your legs look nice and long, giving your body some balance.

Shop Stoney Milania for your perfect bikini!

Apple shape

Do you have slender hips and shoulders with a fuller bust and torso? Then you have an apple shape body! There are so many ways that you can style swimwear on your body to make it pop!

A classic swimsuit with an open neck is exactly what you need if you have an apple shape. The high cut legs show off your gorgeous curves and enhances your fuller bust, making your body look utterly flawless! Darker colours on your skin will look gorgeous as it will bring out the parts of your body you want to show off, without attracting eyes to unwanted areas.

This dark green swimsuit with a white strip has an open back which closes with a clasp. It is a must have piece of swimwear for your apple shaped body. You can see on the model how the body is perfectly balanced and stunning. Buy your Ashley Lilac swimsuit today to get this look!

Athletic shape

An athletic shape which is also known as a petite shape consists of a lean and straight silhouette with a smaller bust. This body type doesn’t have many curves and there is little difference between the size of your shoulders, waist, and hips so it is super simple to dress!

You can get away with a lot when you have an athletic shaped body. Due to you having a smaller bust you can have swimwear with little support and focus on a gorgeous style, bright colours and added details onto your pieces.

With an athletic shape your body is already balanced so you don’t need to worry about creating this illusion with the swimwear.

As an athletic body has little curves, you can work to enhance these with bold prints and colours which create the illusion of a fuller curve. This style can be super trendy as well as making you look drop dead gorgeous!

The tie on this swimming costume is exactly what you need to create your gorgeous silhouette. It is simple with a cute colour so that you can feel amazing whilst looking incredible! This Flaming Judy piece is what you need!

Hourglass shape

The hourglass body shape is where the body has a fuller bust, smaller waist, and curvy hips. Think of Kim Kardashian or Kelly Brook who brought this body shape to light!

A classic bikini or swimming costume would be perfect to wear if you have an hourglass shape. It will hug your figure nicely and enhance your curves and bust. Having a fuller bust means you need more support, so make sure you go for something that will keep you feeling great and will keep everything in the right place.

How about you look at giving the classic look a bit of a twist by adding some detailing to it? Whether that is a subtle pattern, some sequins, or a bit of glam. This will draw attention to the right spots, and you will look flawless!

Shop this Flaming Gypsy elegant bikini with a cute ruffle trimming on the bikini top. This should be a staple piece in your swimwear wardrobe if you have an hourglass figure!


There you have it, some top tips on how to shop for your body type! Whether you are wanting to stock up on your swimwear wardrobe in time for summer, or ready to embrace the sun and pool, Watababe has got your back!

Remember that no matter what type of body you have, it is beautiful, and you have the perfect swimwear body! Shop for things that will make you feel good because you will look good in EVERYTHING! Don’t feel restricted to shop for things ‘conventionally’ for your body type, rock what you got and style pieces the way that you want!

Shop all of the looks in this blog and more today! If you want to get in touch then please feel free to reach out!

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