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Have Fun In The Winter Sun

Summer is coming to an end and what a glorious time it was! With the temperatures reaching a record high, we have certainly been spoilt with gorgeous summer sun and plenty of opportunities to hit the beach or the pool looking fabulous!

But now… the days are getting shorter and there are more clouds in the sky. Does this man summer is officially coming to an end?

Autumn is just round the corner, with winter not so far behind it! But just because the summer sun is coming to an end doesn’t mean that you have to start packing up your bikini’s and swimwear. It’s time to enjoy the winter sun!

Finding gorgeous holiday pieces or swimsuits in the colder months can seem like an impossible task. We are bombarded with winter coats, jumpers, and anything knitted. But what about those of us who are still craving the sun? Where should we go to look amazing in the winter sun?

I created WATABABE to not only fit all body types and skin tones, but to make you look and feel fabulous throughout the entire year! You read that right! We sell all of our gorgeous swimwear and accessories all year round! So you have a one stop shop for all your winter sun needs.

Here are some of my must have’s when catching some winter sun:

A staple colour bikini and swimsuit is a classic all year long. This cannot get boring and it’s not hard to see why! Take this gorgeous red swimwear for example. The red is a gentle nod to the winter and autumn colours that everyone wears in the colder months, but we are keeping it fit for the sunshine with a bikini and swimsuit!

A very popular way of incorporating winter into your swimwear is wearing winter colours. I don’t mean dressing up in a Santa swimming costume – although that would be great to see - It is more about sticking to the colour palette that winter provides, even if you are escaping for some rays over Christmas.

Think reds, greens, browns, the colours which scream winter should be your go to when deciding what to wear. Of course wearing bright, floral swimsuits is fine, but do you really want to be stuck advertising the summer sun when you could showcase your gorgeous winter wardrobe?

Colour is one thing to consider, but it is also good to look into styles of biknins and swimsuits. Although the winter sun is even more powerful than the summer sun in some places, it is typically cooler in most locations so wearing your super short and perfect for tanning costume and bikini may not be ideal in this situation.

I say go for high waisted and longer bikini bottoms to provide you with a *little* extra warmth and protection. The same goes for bikini tops, those with chunkier sleeves or a closed back are great options to keep that gentle breeze off your skin so you can enjoy the warmth for longer!

Check out these pieces by Watababe. I know that they will make great additions to your winter sun wardrobe.

Are you jetting off to get some winter sun this year? Let me know in the comments! You can shop all of the pieces mentioned in this blog, and more at our shop! Check us out and get a discount for your first order by signing up to our newsletter.

Happy shopping!

Watababe x

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